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  • Mining industry of Romania Wikipedia

    Romania ranks tenth in the world in terms of the diversity of minerals produced in the country. Around 60 different minerals are currently produced in Romania. The richest mineral deposits in the country are halite (sodium chloride). Romania is an oil producer, but the level of production is not enough to make the country self-sufficient. As a result, it is a net oil and gas importer.

  • Euro Sun Mining

    Euro Sun Mining is a Canadian-based development-stage mining company focused on generating value for its shareholders by advancing its 100%-owned Rovina Valley Project, located in west-central Romania. This property hosts the second largest gold deposit i

  • Uncertain Future of Gold Mining in Romania

    Jul 14, 2015· Romania is home to the largest gold deposit in continental Europe. In fact, it is not just gold that attracts miners to this country. Romania is one of the poorer countries in Europe, but from a view of the resources available for mining it is actually one of the richest. There are a large variety []

  • Roșia Montană Project Wikipedia

    Roșia Montană Project is a gold and silver mining project initiated by Roșia Montană Gold Corporation in Roşia Montană, Romania.If approved, it would become Europe's largest open-pit gold mine and it would use the gold cyanidation mining technique.

  • Goldrush Mining A clean alluvial gold washing

    Goldrush Mining is a Romanian private mining company with a 100% Romanian capital, focused on generating value by advancing the Goldrush project entirely developed by the company and located in western Romania. This region hosts one of the richest alluvial gold deposits in Europe.

  • Romania Backtracks on Bid to Protect Roman Gold Mine in

    Jul 12, 2018· At the center of the debate is a dispute with the mining company seeking access to the site. Following massive protests that began in earnest in

  • Rovina gold and copper mining, Romania EJAtlas

    This mining project proposes the exploitation of 120 tonnes of gold and 100,000 tonnes of copper in huge open pits. Rovina could thus become the largest mining operation in Romania, the size of the two open pits 500 and 600 m diameter respectively and depth between 300 and 400 m exceeding in size even the Rosia Montana project.

  • Euro Sun Mining Project Overview

    The Rovina Valley Project covers 27.68 km² in west-central Romania, approximately 300 km northwest of the capital city of Bucharest. This historic mining district known as the “Golden Quadrilateral” is one of the largest gold-producing areas in Europe where it is estimated that more that 55 Moz of gold have been produced since the Roman

  • Certej gold mining, Romania EJAtlas

    Apr 12, 2017· Eldorado Gold Corporation is a Canadian low-cost murky mining company listed on the Vancouver stock exchange, which holds mining perimeters in Greece, Romania, Turkey, China and Brazil. On 5 July 2012 the Regional Environmental Protection Agency in Timişoara (EPA) issued the environmental permit no. 8 for the mining of gold-silver ores in the

  • Mining for Gold In Romania YouTube

    Apr 10, 2009· The World's Aaron Schachter reports from Rosia Montana, a small town in the northwest of Romania. A Canadian company wants to mine gold using cyandide. Locals are opposed. Find out more at www

  • Romanian mining revives: From the black hole of the

    Apr 20, 2018· For now, the Executive is expected to approve the concession license for the activity of mining for copper ore with gold content in Rovina perimeter. SAMAX Romania will have to pay taxes and royalties. The annual tax on mining exploitation is RON 34,180/sq km. Royalty is 5% of the value of mining production for non-ferrous ores and 6% for noble

  • 2000 Baia Mare cyanide spill Wikipedia

    The 2000 Baia Mare cyanide spill was a leak of cyanide near Baia Mare, Romania, into the Someș River by the gold mining company Aurul, a joint-venture of the Australian company Esmeralda Exploration and the Romanian government.. The polluted waters eventually reached the Tisza River and then the Danube, killing large numbers of fish in Hungary, Serbia, and Romania.

  • Roșia Montană Wikipedia

    There is archaeological and metallurgical evidence of gold mining in the 'Golden Quadrilateral' of Transylvania since the late Stone Age. Alburnus Maior was founded by the Romans during the rule of Trajan as a mining town, with Illyrian colonists from South Dalmatia . The earliest reference to the town is on a wax tablet dated 6 February 131. Archaeologists have discovered in the town ancient

  • Romanian mining town suffers from its gold riches Reuters

    May 31, 2012· Gabriel’s CEO says the mine could be worth roughly $30 billion at current prices of roughly $1,600 per ounce, and the mine would make Romania the EU’s largest gold producer, overtaking Finland

  • The Gold of Apuseni Mountains Gold Museum in Brad city

    These deposits were the main source of gold for Romania. It is estimated that a total of 1750 tons of gold was extracted from the 60 gold deposits known so far. From a gold mining perspective, the most important locations in the “ auriferous quadrangle” are: Roșia Montan ă, Tisa Valley, Hanes, Rovina, Cireșata, Colnic and Certej.

  • Euro Sun Mining gives up private placement for gold mining

    Canadian mining company Euro Sun Mining (formerly Carpathian Gold), the owner of the Rovina gold project in Romania, has renounced its planned private placement of shares under which it hoped to

  • Environmental Impacts of Gold Mining Brilliant Earth

    Toxic waste spills have had devastating consequences in Romania, China, Ghana, Russia, Peru, South Africa, and other countries. In 2014, a dam collapsed at the Mount Polley gold and copper mine in British Columbia, sending about 25 million cubic meters of cyanide-laden waste into nearby rivers and lakes—enough to fill about 9,800 Olympic